Industrial Revolution was a prelude for a psychological mutation of mankind. Today, pre-made thought patterns create a new kind of mass human behaviour while, in the background, technological evolution makes people more and more dependent on gadgets and energy and less in contact with our primary essence and nature.
The influence of technology creates a growing alienation about our real position on earth [alienation of which contemporary EDM is a massive tool, being openly used to transform humanity into an army of morons], and urban environment generates deep stress in people's minds with its non-stop claim for attention. Everything is boringly noisy, disturbing and violent, while at the same time extremely intellectually unchallenging.
Everyone's physical senses are overwhelmed while our subtle capacities to feel and think are completely undeveloped.
The concept of this music is to suggest a transcendence of this overwhelmed state of senses by showing SUBTLETY BEYOND NOISE, alluding to THE ORDER BEYOND up-to-date complete chaos.