Gianluca Cucciniello AKA LasaWers born 24 June 1985 in Italy already as a teenager understands that electronic music, in general, is her passion starting to go dancing in clubs in southern Italy but then realizes that making music is really his passion so he began to study the program Ableton thanks to his friend already a sound engineer

RAFTEK (ATProject) succeeds in winning a remix contest on the label Hypnohouse trax and gradually began to produce tracks and EP passing by acid techno to techno and various electronic genres !!!!! in all the ways can play in Naples in some after and some small local festival !!!!! LasaWers does not have a specific style,he likes to play in the acid techno, techno and oldschool techno trying to give their best influenced by: RAFTEK (ATProject) - SAIMON - DAVE CLARKE - JEFF MILLS - PATRICK DSP - DAVE THE DRUMMER - CHRIS LIBERATOR - SURGEON AND MANY OTHERS