Kev Willis – Morphing Imagination

FNOOB DiGiTAL's latest techno release, 'Morphing Imagination', goes dark and trippy, perhaps a little trancey. Producer Kev Willis hails from Stoke-On-Trent, UK, with previous releases on numerous labels, among them Gabeen's Switch Off Records as well as the American label Urban Kickz Recordings. Kev is known to create music for cathartic purposes, and this release has the feeling of ritual.

The original mix of 'Morphing Imagination' swells with layered complexity, fading in with a heavy kick over arpeggiated synth, subtly fading in hi-hats, then tuned percussion (Are those bongos or marimbas?), echo-laden patches of noise, and is that acid in the far background? Also lurking in the darkness are haunting vocals contributed by Sheena Bratt, lead singer of the UK based folk rock band Venus Rising.

Two remixes come with this release. Buenos Aires-based techno producer Juan Trujillo contributes a mix that maintains the subtle transitions of the original but strips out much of the synth, turning the focus to a pulsating percussion field. The second remix comes from Gabros, a Hungarian veteran of numerous releases on Naked Lunch Records. His mix explodes with pounding industrial kick drum, claps, and metallic percussion, taking the synths and turning them into a body music workout.