Drew Sky

The second release of Chiwax Classic Edition (Rawax) it's a reissue of an EP released by the legendary Dance Mania label in 1995 and produced by the master Drew Sky. He was a member of that heterogeneous, historical group of producers and DJs based in Chicago in the early '90s.
Pioneer and sound researcher, he produced many releases on Dance Mania between the 1994 and 1997. Besides the already mentioned "Skydoisom I" (Dance Mania, 1995), also significant was "Straight From The Hideout" (Nite Life, 1992), one of his first productions, somewhere between techno and house, almost minimal, it shows rhythmic experimentation advanced for that time. "Razzmatazz (Chicago Underground, 1992) was made with heavy use of samples, the title refers to the success of Quincy Jones indeed.
In the track's credits is mentioned Steve Poindexter, who with Paul Johnson and Drew Sky himself, ran Chicago Underground, another legendary label that hosted as artists like Glenn Crocker, Brian Harris and Roy Davis Jr. Subsequent releases on Dance Mania ("U Got 2 Move", 1996; "Fuk 2 Nite", 1997) interpret at their best the ghetto house style of the label, without forgetting about techno and acid veins. Acid tones that were already present in "Focus" (Dance Mania, 1994), produced under the pseudonym of Skyman I.
Other tracks were produced under the pseudonyms of Deuce Mode and Sneaky Tim. Drew Sky continues the saga of the classics by Chiwax started by another great producer, K. Alexi Shelby, the protagonist of the first release called "1000 Shades Of K" (Chiwax Classic Edition, 2012).